lyrics & music:愛音



It was there since I was born.

Always wrapped me around.

When I was a baby , dear my mother's lullaby.

When I was a teenager , a rock sound played on the radio.

The love song I heard when I first fell in love can still sing.

 I always  wanted to play a song and play a bad guitar every night.

A song that sang for myself , not for someone , moved someone's heart.

I want to change the world with my own words and singing voice.

When I knew it , I really loved music.

I go my own way. I decided so.

Sometimes I get lost , but I can get lost.


If I am reborn , I want to be me again. oh...

I think so I miss it so much now.

Can you believe it? Baby.

I don't want to end yet.

I won't finish it yet.

I feel crazy so happy.

So it's beautiful.


It was a little courage , but I'm glad I made that decision.

The anxiety that I wanted to cry at that time is now sparkling.

It's a scenario that doesn't work out.

I'm still crazy. And still dreaming of this dream.

So it's beautiful.


Resound in the endless earth.

Resound to the rippling sea.

Resound in the dawning sky.

If you sing along , so it's beautiful.


収録作品:seraph Ⅳ