lyrics & music:愛音



I'm always lit by the moonlight.

And I closed my eyelids while being lit by the moonlight.

Only you are in my eyes.

Only you in my eyes were weakly shredded and disappeared.

Too sad doll blindfolded.

The sins that have gone away.

Little hand that can't be connected.

Even you are under me. You don't even reach me.

The rainy thread of sorrow blocks you from me.

How far should I continue to be washed while being hurt.

Like a lonely beast trapped and lost everything.


 Your voice that I loved too much keeps repeating over and over in me.

It is still going on. As if you keep getting lost.

Crazy for you. As it is , if I get hurt on a sleepless night ,

I want to keep dreaming at least.

It doesn't matter if there is no end. I don't care.

In a moment , their love is eternity.

収録作品:seraph Ⅲ